Small 25 Seat Bus

Seats 24      Daily Price  1,700,000 IDR      Half Daily Price  1,200,000 IDR

These are Isuzu or Mitsubishi tourist buses designed with comfortable interiors for long travel. These buses are a good option for small groups who want spacious comfortable travel with more room for seating and luggage storage over the smaller vans and minibuses. They have various configurations of audio visual equipment which includes a sound system; guide microphone; and optional LCD screen and karaoke systems.

All buses come with:

  • tourist air conditioning and air systems
  • comfortable adjustable seating
  • large luggage space
  • B public licenced local tour driver
  • tour sound system

Starting with the small 25 seat buses it is often worth configuring the bus for your tour and special event needs such as weddings, as often buses can be outfitted to suit your tour. We are happy to be adaptable and arrange for most requests so please feel free to contact us.