We provide affordable Bali transport and guided tours to explore genuine experiences on the island. All vehicles come with friendly local Balinese drivers and sometimes tour guides, all of whom have in depth local knowledge. We can arrange activities like white water rafting, sea cruises to see dolphins, trekking and explore Bali’s cultural heritage. We provide airport pickup and can flexibly adjust for almost any holiday need.

Drivers and Tour Guides

A private driver or tour guide from us enables a friendly stress-free holiday in Bali and we believe this is the best way to experience what the island has to offer. Such people provide a lifeline to genuine Balinese experiences. Chartering vehicles from us this way can be ideal because:

  • Balinese people are very friendly and honest, our people enjoy taking you on trips and you’re likely to make new friends.
  • A person can be found to translate for almost any language.
  • Our network can quickly create a custom tour for you and arrange last minute changes. Otherwise it can be difficult to find a good custom tour package or desired trip as there is a barrage of information to navigate.
  • When shopping or browsing around in local areas it may be stressful to arrange local transport and hard to negotiate, this can be made far easier with friendly local people.
  • Some hotels are not convenient to areas of interest and good local knowledge of the area can make the best use of your time.
  • The best use of time while on holiday is very important and using our services can enable a more relaxing break as we can do the heavy lifting.
  • We can provide direct access to genuine Bali experiences that are often hard to find and not easily searchable on the internet.
  • Hassle free last day check out and transfer to airport combined with last minute changes as needed to manage your vacation.
  • Legitimate government approved transport and tour guides who can often navigate unknowns caused by bureaucratic difficulties.
  • Traffic can be chaotic and unpredictable, putting trust in people to navigate the Island is a good investment and our network is experienced on how best navigate.
  • Ideally it is best to book at least half a day before your trip as traffic in Bali can be busy and you will want to make the most of your time on the trip. Tips are not required but drivers will certainly appreciate your generosity.

    Hire Process

    Advise us of your full name, vehicle request and any relevant tour details and we will directly pick you up with no need for down payment. We can provide electronic invoice or/and a paper copy on arrival as needed. Often we work with tour operators who are repeat customers and we find a relationship of mutual trust and adaptability best suits group visitors. This makes the hire process straight forward. Usually we pick most of our visitors up from the airport.

    Vehicles are typically hired based on a daily or half daily rate but we can usually accommodate unusual periods. Tours are often multi day and this is rarely a consideration but the hire charges are based on the following:

    • daily hire is over a 10 hour period,
    • half daily hire is over a 5 hour period,
    • for extra hours there is an extra charge of 10% of the daily rate.

    Each hired vehicle is provided with:

    • 1 bottle of water 600ml per day per person for daily trips (excluding, airport transfer),
    • fuel,
    • licensed driver, and
    • government approved tour guide as needed.

    Airport Transfer

    For airport pickup or transfer we need your full name, flight details and hotel details. For airport pickup our driver will hold a signboard with your name, then directly take you to your hotel. We will provide contact details in case of changes in plan due to delays or other changes. When arriving at the airport travellers are often tired and it’s far easier to automatically be taken care of without the need for last minute arrangements. Similarly with airport drop-off we can help ensure a smooth day of stress free travel navigating local traffic and conditions.

    Terms and Conditions

    Where possible we avoid too many conditions as we want you too enjoy your holiday with us and to treat you as a guest. In Indonesia tourism is well regulated and it’s not possible to cover all extra conditions. It’s far more practical to let us take care of unexpected events where we will do our best to look after you. The few conditions that are important are that:

    • we pay for parking tickets and toll fees,
    • there is no need for down payment to book,
    • if there are overnight stays on a trip and our staff are needed there is a charge for staff accommodation and meals,
    • ferry and island crossing charges are not included in vehicle hire charges

    Travel Tips

    People are friendly in Bali and exploring can be fun, here are some travel tips to make the most of the experience:

    • Use your own country’s travel insurance rather than getting us to arrange it. Travel insurance in Indonesia is typically expensive and complex, so it’s worthwhile to prearrange this in your own country.
    • Be careful of unlicenced tour opperations. Tourisim is well regulated by the government and all tour guides must have a valid licence. Police will sometimes sweep through and arrest unlienced tour guides leaving guests stranded. Avoid this.
    • Traffic around the main city of Denpasar is often jammed and it is worth speaking with us early to avoid being stuck for hours. We know good places to go, are aware of the conditions and are happy to help.
    • Using wifi based internet in Bali can at times be unreliable but cellular internet is often good. It’s worth buying a telkomsel sim with a data plan as these are cheap and coverage is widespread.