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Toyota Innova

Seats 5
Daily Price 750,000 IDR

The Toyota Innova is an MPV popular in Indonesia for its high capacity and compact profile. This this next step up from the Toyota Avanza...

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Toyota Avanza

Seats 5
Daily Price 600,000 IDR

The Toyota Avanza is a mini MPV designed produced in Indonesia and Malaysia. The Avanza is a popular choice amoungst local people and has been...

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Suzuki APV

Seats 7
Daily Price 600,000 IDR

The Suzuki APV is a minivan/light commercial vehicle designed by Suzuki in Japan. It’s compact but for it’s size has a high seating capacity competing...

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Small 25 Seat Bus

Seats 24
Daily Price 1,700,000 IDR

These are Isuzu or Mitsubishi tourist buses designed with comfortable interiors for long travel. These buses are a good option for small groups who want...

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Medium 35 Seat Bus

Seats 35
Daily Price 2,000,000 IDR

The medium 35 seat buses are either made by Isuzu or Mitsubishi with cabins designed touring comfort. These buses are fitted with large comfortable seating...

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Kia Pregio

Seats 10
Daily Price 780,000 IDR

The Kia Pregio is a rear-wheel drive cabover van based on the Kia Bongo and manufactured by Kia Motors. It’s particulary popular as light bus...

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Isuzu ELF

Seats 12
Daily Price 900,000 IDR

The Isuzu ELF is the starting choice for larger groups which has more room than smaller vans and cars to accommodate for longer trips. These...

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Big 45 Seat Bus

Seats 45
Daily Price 2,500,000 IDR

These are Isuzu Hino buses outfitted for long tours. These have various configurations of audio visual equipment which includes a sound system, guide microphone; and ...

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